Agriculture is a market where productivity and sustainability have a key role. To meet these needs cartonplast manufactures reusable and long-lasting products.

Polypropylene sheets  are especially suited to several products for agriculture and horticulture markets: Cartonplast  Shelters  to protect growing plants;  Cartonplast rolls are a cost-effective for hydroponics and finally Cartonplast  protection boxes, ideal solutions for plantlets during transport and handling from greenhouses to point-of-sale. We offer as well our signature material Eplakart,  (the thinnest solid PP sheet we produce) for hanging tags for plants.


Like fruit and vegetables, plants need to be moved to the point of sale without being damaged during transportation.

Cartonplast has the appropriate solution: foldable Cartonplast  containers.

Robust, they reduce transit damage.

Foldable and lightweight, they minimise shipping costs and storage space.

Hand erect in seconds.

Bespoke to your size and performance requirements, the boxes are water proof.

High quality print available to promote your brand.


Shelters help protect fruit trees and young plants from several external damaging factors such as equipment and chemicals, bad weather and last but not least … hungry wildlife!

They are an important tool to guarantee maximum protection to growing plants. Shelters create a sort of an greenhouse environment: increased humidity, reduced air movement, slight insulation: all these factors facilitate plant safe growth.

Hand erect in seconds, plant shelters are delivered flatto optimised transportation costs and space in warehouses.

A cost effective solution, our shelters are widely used by local wine farmers of the world famous Prosecco, to help control weed and grass, as well as to improve vines survival by protecting against wildlife (hares, roe deer, etc.)

Our plant shelters are environmentally friendly for several reasons: they last several years, are reusable, 100% recyclable at end of useful life.

They are chemically inert and the UV-stabilisedpolypropylene  is not harmful to the environment.

Especially produced in a light green colour, the shelters blend harmoniously with the surrounding natural environment.




Soilless farming as well as hydroponic farming  are increasingly widespread and require robust, durable and watertight supports.

Karton offers dedicated Cartonplast® rolls especially suited to hydroponic farming, with an excellent quality-price ratio.

Easy and quick to install, Cartonplast rolls for hydroponic crops such as tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, and other vegetables, do not require any maintenance and are rot, moisture and corrosion proof.

They are environmentally friendly, durable and 100% recyclable  at end of useful life.


Cartonplast used as for the ceiling of temporary greenhouses & tanks, as a suitable bed for culturing different kinds of flowers and summer crops and a guard to protect saplings against animals.

Cartoplast usage in greenhouses

Some advantages of using carton plast in greenhouses are
Saving time and money
When the farmers and producers choose carton plast for covering their new build greenhouse or the one already built, they know that they will save money and enjoy a happy ending
Carton plast coverage of greenhouse decreases heating costs, likewise the plant grows faster
Higher benefit in coverage with high density polyethylene and free maintenance and repair

Steady light dissemination without burning or shadow
Protecting plants in the hardest climatic conditions
Installation both horizontally and vertically for decreasing waste and losses
Easy flexibility and incline even at the highest point
Adequate with all lightweight greenhouses
Easy set up and use screws in overlap points
Easy washing and disinfecting of the covers


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