Integrated framing

Plastic framing

The most important privileges of plastic framing in building industry are:

  • Cartonplast never sticks to the concrete
  • Cartonplast is resistant to water, acids, and alkaline.
  • Cartonplast doesn’t absorb the humidity in concrete and so increase the concrete’s strength
  • Decrease the framing procedure time
  • Facilitate the frame removing
  • No waste in the frame removing
  • Cartonplast is reusable
  • The possibility of executing lighter structures which are persistent against the earthquake.
  • Saving in concrete consumption.
  • Decrease the labour force needed due to the light frameworks.
  • Making the execution of special and curvy concrete structures possible.
  • Provide a smooth and polished surface
  • High flexibility and possible to be cut in different shapes by a cutter
  • Environment friendly due to replacing wood by plastic sheets

Cartonplast offers smart and efficient  solutions for building and construction industries

Polypropylene extruded sheets are perfect to be converted into reusable and lightweight products for the construction industry. Working several years with building professionals, we developed solutions to satisfy international requirements of this industry.

All construction projects, no matter whether commercial or not, require firm deadlines, and, managing multiple contractors, are subject to frequent  traffic on-site.

That’s why our temporary floor protections can help you to avoid delays due to accidental damage of surfaces.

We developed an additional tool to speed up your construction work:  permanent formworks. They are durable and robust polypropylene material, u-shaped formworks  can be left on-site and they are delivered to you flat, to save shipping costs.

Our products can be certified flame retardant and are sustainable: polypropylene is a 100% recyclable plastic. Moreover, our products can be made using recycled polypropylene as well.