Cartonplast offers customised  and long-life reusable packaging solutions

Reusable packaging is packaging that is used more than one time.

We design it specifically for reuse: long lasting, ease to use and easy to clean, collapsible or nestable design to provide inexpensive return when empty.

Reusable packaging is an attractive option in terms of positive economic and sustainability outcomes: economic benefits means direct savings in packaging purchase. After the initial one-off investment required to purchase the reusable containers, our customers enjoy all the benefits involved: no need to order new containers, involving new materials and power consumption in order to produce new packaging, but a totally sustainable choice can be made.

There are more economic benefits: better product protection of parts and reduced damage, as well as improved transportation and storage efficiencies due to collapsible design.

Reusable packaging helps sustainability: using reusable packaging means avoiding expendable packaging, thus diverting single-use packaging away from the landfill.


We offer a wide range of foldable boxes, inner dividers and separators, collapsible packaging systems: Cartonplast offers countless functional and custom made solutions.

Working several years with professionals in different fields such as automotive, electronics, mechanical, pharmaceutical and  food, we developed solutions to satisfy international requirements of each industry.



Our polypropylene s a sustainable alternative to carton. Why?

People may generally think that cardboard boxes are recyclable, and therefore are good for the environment.

However, cardboard containers can be reused only a very limited amount of times before they are worn out and unusable.

Our polypropylene reusable boxes reduce tons of cardboard packaging waste every year.

Our reusable packaging solutions are the result of long-standing experience, where Cartonplast has invested the utmost care in materials and accessories’ choice, enhancing technical and mechanical features.