Industrial Box

Cartonplast packaging can cover a wide range of industries. Very high resistant against impact, pressure, and chemical agents and humidity have made cartonplast a unique product in packaging industry .

In recent years, we can find the trace of cartonplast almost every where in Iran and across the world, from postal packaging to pharmaceutical, chemical and hygienic products packaging, from heavy industrial components and valves to automative industries .


Other applications

Other applications of cartonplast in different industries are indicated below:

1- Electric and electronic industry: cable reel protective coatings and packaging of electric boards and other related devices.

2- Household appliances industry: covers used to protect air conditions and coolers, rear wall refrigerator

3- Beverage and mineral water industry: pads between glasses and bottles on palettes.

4- Car industry: spare part packaging, pallet boxes and recyclable boxes which can be re-used in production lines.

5- Pharmaceutical industry: packaging for vials casing compliant with mandatory GMP. Due to the health and beauty of cartonplast, this packaging is widely used.

6- Agriculture and horticulture industry: high resistant to humidity and water impact have made cartonplast a suitable choice for packaging all kinds of fruit.

Transport boxes

Transport boxes are anti-static boxes used broadly for transporting electronic components and parts
These boxes are recommended for those who carry much sensitive and fragile components with high prices and need complete protection
This kind of boxes are better than every other boxes made of paper carton or wood or even of metal
Using these boxes is very important for semi-conductor components and computer Equipments

Key specifications and advantages of transport boxes
The proper design according to your needs
Hygienic, for food materials
Shock resistant
Easy to cut for different shapes
Humidity resistant
Electrostatic conductive