Counter top

Advertising at POINT OF PURCHASE (POP)


POP advertising or advertising at point of purchase as its clear from its name refers to those advertising which takes place in the stores and shopping centers. This category of advertisement is also known by the other names such as “In-store Marketing” and “ AT Retail Marketing”. The turnover of POP advertising industry in England in 2003 was an amount about 1.1 billion £, which a wide range of production and assembling companies, designers and sample producers and companies working in the fields of  printing, warehousing, distribution and implementation of advertising equipment were involved in.

This type of advertising is such important that so many advertising agencies and advertising management consulting in the western and developed countries create a special department for POP-Ad services in order to create new ideas and innovative ways to introduce and sell products through POP advertising.

POP has experienced a remarkable growth in the recent years due to the efforts of the Global Association for Marketing at Retail that has emphasized on a message under the title" three-quarters". This message means that three quarters of customer decisions of goods or services purchasing are made at the point of purchase.

Yet this association by holding the" global marketing at retail award" emphasizes more on the importance of this kind of advertising.

Current trends indicates POP Advertising tools become a regular kind of advertising and even the retailers stepped out of the area in which the only important point was the negotiation on the price and noticed that how much the sales depends on POP advertising, hence to promote sales of each product they demand for the related POP advertising tool.

However, the designs of POP advertising has become more and more complicated as while as retailers started to step forward from using “give-aways” or advertising tools which only indicate brand owner’s opinion and taste, instead they are looking for applicable advertising tools of their own.

The Market studies have shown that the genera advertising are surely important to pull the costumer into the store but the strategies at the point of purchase are the most effective ones which leads the costumer to purchase a product.

The features of Counter top:

  1. The sheets and Printing material are washable.
  2. The ability to display multi-dimensional signs.
  3. Designed and produced according to customer requirements.
  4. Easy to transport and store, being compact and light.
  5. It’s not limited to any particular form.
  6. It is easy to assemble.