Cut Stands

The advantage of using kinds of cartonplast Cut Stands in advertising, is lower cost than the other media .

yet they will interact with more audiences in a longer period of time and cover a wide geographical zone compared with the same number of the other media .
The experienced designers of this company could provide extraordinary designs for advertising Cut Stands at the point of purchase which could introduce the stands of carton plast  to the market as the most expressive and the most cost- effective advertising medium for POP advertising .

The proper services of design department alongside with samples made with a great quality by using digital cutting and printing machines made us compatible to perfectly realize the costumer’s ideas and gave us this honor to grab the confidence of lots of international companies as Klassno, Philips, Samsung,Shell,Pepsi, Nestle, LG, Castrol and lots of native companies to accompany us in a long term relationship and being provided by our services .


The features of Cut stands

  1. The sheets and Printing material are washable.
  2. The ability to display multi-dimensional signs.
  3. Designed and produced according to customer requirements.
  4. Easy to transport and store, being compact and light.
  5. It’s not limited to any particular form.
  6. It is easy to assemble.